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Self Help for Daily Living

Some of the faculty sharing their favourite self help finger hold….

The foundation of Jin Shin Jyutsu is the unique, gentle and profoundly effective self help. Basic finger poses, Inju in Japanese and Mudras in Sanskrit, engage us in self awareness to balance emotions and ‘Attitude’ that may lead to dis-ease and disharmony in body, mind and spirit. Our hands are with us wherever we are so we can utilize this simple self help at any time, day or night. Holding a finger and/or thumb can assist in dissolving tension and stress, reduction of pain, harmonizing the breath and restoring natural rhythms and circulation patterns in the body for enhanced wellbeing. It is through this practice of the Art that we come to “Now Know (Help) Myself” … for specific projects, see diagrams below.
For best results establish this as a daily routine – begin your day in a relaxed, positive state of BEing … close the day in Gratitude. It’s so simple…hold thumb and fingers on one hand, for a few minutes each, then swap sides. Try for one week or more and see how you feel 
Self Help Workshops are regularly available in New Zealand offering an opportunity to gain deeper understanding of Jin Shin Jyutsu under the skillful guidance of a certified Self Help Tutor. For more details see Seminars & Workshops page: Jin Shin Jyutsu Seminars & Workshops – Jin Shin Jyutsu NZ (jsjnz.co.nz)

Using the Fingers to Harmonise Emotions

Thumb & Index Finger Charts

Thumbs help harmonise spleen and stomach function energy
Index fingers help harmonise kidney and bladder function energy
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Middle & Ring Finger Charts

Middle fingers help harmonise liver and gall bladder function energy
Ring fingers help harmonise lung and large intestine function energy
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Little Finger & Palm of Hand Charts

Little fingers help harmonise heart & small intestine function energy
Palms help harmonise umbilicus & diaphragm function energy
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Main Central Energy Flow explained…

The Main Central flow (above) is a key self help routine that can be used daily to clean and energise the body. If we are very fatigued we may use this flow twice a day, once in the morning to energise us for the day and again at night to release any accumulated stress from our day. Jin Shin Jyutsu is an Art so we may also be creative with this flow and apply it in a number of ways .. hold each step for 4 (deep) breaths, 2 out and 2 in, focus on the out breath (Exhale), to enhance the letting go.

You may refer to this YouTube video clip for guidance….

Most importantly, smile and have fun.

26 Safety Energy Lock Chart

Ordering Self Help Books

To purchase Mary Burmeister’s three Self-Help books…
Individual books – $12 each + postage
Set of three books – $30 + postage
Email the NZ Office at admin@jsjnz.co.nz or call +64 27 635 2752

Dog / Cat Chart

Chart composed by Janet Harris & Judy Stolz

owner caressing gently her dog

Over the past decades Adele Leas has pioneered Jin Shin Jyutsu for Your Animal Companion, a direct outgrowth of Jin Shin Jyutsu (JSJ) as practiced by thousands of people who receive sessions and practice daily self-help.
Dogs, cats and horses, along with other animals, have an understanding of this non-verbal Art and seem to have been waiting all their lives to be touched like this. Mary Burmeister, who brought this Art to the West from Japan in the 1950’s tells us that through JSJ our awareness is awakened to the simple fact that we are endowed with the ability to harmonize and balance ourselves (in rhythm with the universe) physically, mentally and spiritually. She tells us “Jin Shin Jyutsu is an innate part of man’s wisdom – simplifying the complexities of existence – and is truly an Art of Living.” Now we have the ability to share this Art of Living with all Creatures.
Thank you Adele!

To find out more about helping your animals, please contact Sandy Smith. Details on practitioner locator page

Jin Shin Jyutsu for your Animals with Adele Leas  ∞


Self Help For Critical Illness

Jin Shin Jyutsu at times of critical illness: 

One of the most important studies on Jin Shin Jyutsu and cancer care was done in 2012 by the University of Kentucky Markey Cancer Center showing that patients reported significant improvement in side effects of cancer treatment following just one Jin Shin Jyutsu session.

Presented by Jin Shin Jyutsu integrative practitioner, Jennifer Bradley at the Markey Cancer Center Research Day, the study detailed 159 cancer patients who had received sessions. Before and after each Jin Shin Jyutsu session, Jennifer Bradley asked patients to assess their symptoms of pain, stress and nausea on a scale of 0-10, with 0 representing no symptoms.
The study found that in each session patients experienced significant improvement in the areas of pain, stress, and nausea with the first visit, and in subsequent visits as well.
“I was pleased to see quantitatively the improvements that patients noted in primary areas of discomfort,” said Jennifer.  “It was interesting to note that regardless of age, sex or diagnosis, cancer patients received a statistically significant improvement in the side effects from treatment. It is encouraging to note that Jin Shin Jyutsu made improvements in these areas without adding additional unwanted effects that so often occur with medication interventions.”

The Art of Gentle Touch: Self Help for people with Cancer.

This comprehensive booklet is the inspiration of NZ Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner, Marie Blackford following her journey with cancer and the gentle self help that assisted in her recovery. If you know anyone on a similar path with critical health project, you are welcome to download this invaluable FREE brochure today.

Thank you Marie! ♥

Click on the booklet image (to the right) to view the English version.

Now available in English, Spanish, Dutch, German, Latvian and Portuguese.  Contact the NZ Office for booklets in other languages.

This Jin Shin Jyutsu information is intended to complement, not replace advice of your own physician and/or other medical healthcare professional, whom you should always consult about your individual needs and any symptoms that may require diagnosis or medical attention and before changing any medication.