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Seminars ~ Self Help Workshops ~ Study Days

2019 5-Day Basic Seminar – Waihi Beach

2019 5-Day Basic Seminar (English)
Date: 9th March (Saturday) – 13th March 2019 (Wednesday)
Instructor: Wayne Hackett, Hawaii
Location: Waihi Academy, Waihi, 132 Landlyst Road, Coromandel
Organizer: Jeannette McCallum
Phone: +64-272-855-636
Email: jeannettem@xtra.co.nz
11 Pacific Road Waihi Beach 3611 North Island, New Zealand

Special Topic Class 2019


Special Topic Class: “Jin Shin Jyutsu: A Study of Relationship”
Wayne Hackett
Date: 14 March 2019
Venue: Waihi Academy, Landlyst Road, Waihi, Coromandel, North Island, NZ

“Mary Burmeister taught ‘all wisdom is buried in relationship.’ She also said, ‘Wisdom sees wholeness where ignorance sees parts.’  In this class, we will investigate many of the relationships essential to living a happy, healthy Jin Shin Jyutsu life. The relationship between Text I and Text II; the relationship between Energy and Matter; the relationship between Cause and Effect … these are some of the relationships we will ponder in this class. Additionally, students will work/play with other students in giving and receiving Jin Shin Jyutsu. Please join us for this FUN-filled day of study.”

Organizer: Jeannette McCallum
Email: jeannettem@xtra.co.nz
Phone: +64-272-855-636


Australia 5-Day Basic Seminars

5-Day Basic Seminar
3rd – 7th May 2019
Location: Perth, Western Australia
Instructor: Susan Schwartz

Hi Friends and Students,
The above class with Susan Schwartz is only 4 weeks away. Thanks to those who have already registered.
If you have been thinking of attending the class, please let me know in the next few days.

Payment arrangements are available if needed.

Flyer and registration form can be downloaded here from our website: https://jsjaustralia.net/classes/5-day-classes/

Please pass on this link to those you know who may be interested in attending.
We look forward to hearing from you.

Organiser – Maria Miniello phone: +61 458 216 615
Email: maria36@bigpond.com
Co-organiser – Kerry Paul – +61 402 044 874

2020 5-Day Basic Seminar 
Date: TBA
Location: Australia

Instructor: TBA


Mentoring Classes

A Mentoring Program is limited to nine students.

Students must have attended at least 3 x 5 Day classes 

Future classes to be announced.

New Zealand Self Help Workshops

Self-Help Workshops – Auckland region


Venue: West Auckland

In this workshop you will be introduced to the 3 Self-Help Books and discover simple and easy ways to learn self-help acupressure techniques for creating and maintaining your personal health. You will learn how to use your fingers and hands to energize your body, mind and spirit.

Jin Shin Jyutsu® is an art for harmonizing the life energies of the body to promote natural health, vitality and a sense of well-being. It is a gentle art, practiced by placing the fingertips (over clothing) on specific areas of the body, to harmonize and restore the energy flow.

These simple techniques can help reduce stress, anxiety, headaches, nausea, fatigue, neck and back pain, high blood pressure, and much more.
Help yourself & family through this gentle and effective healing approach!

These workshops are usually a one day split into two half days to allow time to practice between each.  Workbooks are provided.

For information regarding workshops, please contact certified Self Help instructor – Deanne Hall on (09) 816 9272 or email: djhallcoffey@gmail.com
Cost: $45.00  (Review students $25.00).
Visit www.insighthealing.com for more information & references.

Self-Help Workshops – Christchurch

Dates to be announced:


Working from Mary’s 3 Self-Help books we explore simple and effective ways to help ourselves  using fingers and hands to energize our body, mind and spirit.

Jin Shin Jyutsu® is an art for harmonizing the life energies of the body to promote natural health, vitality and a sense of well-being. It is a gentle art, practiced by placing the fingertips (over clothing) on specific areas of the body, to harmonize and restore the energy flow.

These gentle holds assist in alleviating stress, depressive effects, anxiety, fatigue, neck, shoulder and back pain, fertility, high blood pressure, autoimmune disorders and much more.

Perfect for all ages and abilities.

Workbooks provided.

For more information on upcoming workshops contact certified Self Help Tutor  – Julie Wells on  027 635 2752 or email: lifeforce@xtra.co.nz

Self-Help Workshops – Whangarei, Northland
Day 1/Book I – Saturday 28th September 2019 – Introduction to JSJ, the energy flows of the body, Main Central Flow, body function energy flows & finger holds.
Day 2/Book II – Saturday 5th October 2019 – 26 safety energy locks of the body & holds that can be used to recharge each one
Day 3/Book III – Saturday 12th October 2019 – Finger & toe holds & diagonal energy flows

Time: 9am to 4.00pm
Venue:  YWCA 21 Rust Ave, Whangarei https://www.ywca.org.nz/whangarei 

Full course – $150.00 plus books at $12.00 each
Day 1 only – $70.00 plus book 1 at $12.00 (You must complete Day 1/Book I before you can do Day 2/Book II or Day 3/Book III)

Three Day Self Help Course.
This Self-help course consists of the study of three Jin Shin Jyutsu books. Each day starts at 9.00am and finishes at 4.00pm and consist of study & hands on practice. Morning Tea is provided. Bring your own lunch, water bottle & at least one blanket & pillow.

Registrations close: Monday 9th September 2019

For information & bookings, contact Tim Baxter:
Cell: 021 052 0166
Email: positivedefence@yahoo.co.nz

Self-Help Workshops – Coromandel region
Dates: Part 1: Saturday 5th October 2019 & Part 2: Saturday 12th October 2019
Time: 9am to 4.30pm
Venue: Waihi Beach Wellness Studio, 11 Pacific Road, Waihi Beach, Coromandel

Cost: $100 per person, $50 for review students

Two Part Self Help Workshop

Part 1 –
Understand the art of Jin Shin Jyutsu and learn simple self-help techniques to heal yourself on a daily basis to promote good health. Enjoy a day of learning how to harmonise your mind, body and spirit. We learn how to help ourselves and what our body is telling us: the art of knowing ourselves. Hands on treatments included. Notes, morning and afternoon tea and lunch provided. Text books are available for purchase.

Self-Help Part 2 Workshop
Part 2 is for those who have experienced Jin Shin Jyutsu’s profound healing magic and brings together depths, safety energy locks and energy flows to give a deeper insight into the ancient art. A wonderful way to connect with yourself for longevity and good health. Lots of hands on treatments. This workshop will take you deeper into the art as you understand connections.
Part 1 and Part 2 classes are limited to 6 people. Morning and afternoon teas and lunch provided. Jeannette is a certified Self-Help instructor and is an experienced teacher. 9am to 4.30pm Waihi Beach Wellness Studio, 11 Pacific Road, Waihi Beach. $100 per person, $50 for review students. For more info: Jeannette McCallum
Phone: +64-272-855-636  Email: jeannettem@xtra.co.nz or website: www.waihibeachwellness.co.nz/workshops

New Zealand Study Days 2018

Auckland Central 
Once a month – contact organiser for dates
Times: 9.30 – 12.30pm
Donation: $20
Currently we are exploring enhancing flows from Texts 1&2, but the practise varies depending on the needs of the group. Hand positions, placements and exploring relationships are the main focus in this fun group. Any student of JSJ with one or more/many classes is very welcome.
Facilitator: Jennifer Holmes (JSJ instructor Asia Pacific) 4 Georgina Street, Freemans Bay, Auckland email: jsjjen@gmail.com

Auckland West
Dates: Every fortnight from 1st July 2018
Start time: 2.00pm
Donation: TBA
Jin Shin Jyutsu students who have attended one or more 5-Day seminars are most welcome. This group will meet fortnightly (beginning 1st July 2018). Please contact Deanne to confirm your interest in attending, also for clarification of future dates and times.
Facilitator: Deanne Hall-Coffey – (09) 816 9272 or email: djhallcoffey@gmail.com
Visit www.insighthealing.com for more information & references.

Bay of Plenty 
Dates: First Wednesday of each month
Start time: 9.30am – 12 noon
This study group come together on the first Wednesday of each month to explore flows in Text I & II books and is followed by hands-on sessions. Please contact Jeannette for study group topics and more details.
Host: Jeannette McCallum – +64-272-855-636 or email: jeannettem.xtra.co.nz
Location: 11 Pacific Road, Waihi Beach, 3611

South Island – Rangiora, North Canterbury
Dates: As below – first Monday of each month
Start time: 10.00-1.30pm
Donation: Free

Rangiora study days are held on the first Monday of the month for purpose of students sharing experiences, notes and hands-on. This year we are exploring Text Book 2 (having begun with Lung Function Energy in February). Although not essential, regular students often choose to do home study and apply the flows as self-help in the month leading up to the study day and share discoveries and questions of the topic in group discussion on the day. Jin Shin Jyutsu students who have attended one or more 5-Day seminars are most welcome.

Remaining dates and topics for 2018 are:
July 9th – (in school holidays) – Small Intestine Function Energy
August 6th – Bladder Function Energy
September 3rd – Kidney Function Energy
October 8th – (in school holidays) – Diaphragm Function Energy
November 5th – Umbilicus Function Energy
December 3rd – Gall Bladder Function Energy
December 10th (Christmas gathering)

Facilitator: Tina Brougham, 25 Maple Place, Rangiora. For more information call 021 129 7324 or email: shineyoursoullight@live.com

Jin Shin Jyutsu for Animals Workshop

Jin Shin Jyutsu for use with your animal companion workshop.
Learn simple Jin Shin sequences to use with your animal companion.

This is a half day introduction which covers, safety energy locks/ points, some basic flows and some practice time. There will also be time for some individual flows where needed for existing health projects.

These gentle flows and holds will increase the communication between you and your animal friend and provide a wonderful way for you to support your animal companion during illness, surgery and stress e.g. settling animals into new homes, death & dying or just connecting and providing a relaxing environment for your pet.

At present I am only offering this workshop in Auckland, but feel free to contact me with any ideas. Check out my facebook site – Jin Shin Jyutsu for Animals New Zealand which has some videos.

Bookings are essential – contact Sandy on sandyjinshin@hotmail.com or +64-272-956-875

For more information on all local and international classes, please visit
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